We’re the NY Legal Tech Meetup community. How can we help?

Our Mission

The NY Legal Tech Meetup is an open, diverse, and collaborative community of lawyers, technologists, and others passionate about legal technology and innovation on a mission to champion legal innovation, to support the innovators driving it, and to make New York City the center of the legal tech universe.

Since our first event in September of 2017, our community has been striving:

  • to connect diverse legal innovators from across the legal ecosystems;
  • to foster honest, deeply practical discourse about the most important issues facing the legal profession in order to spark rich, inclusive conversations about tangible legal change; and
  • to shine a light on the incredible work being done–and the important work left to do–across the legal innovation landscape.

Our Values

Our programming reflects three values that reside at the core our community ethos:

  • That we should organizing programming driven by honest beliefs about how we can best serve and support our community and broader industry, as opposed to any underlying commercial motivation;
  • That we we’re committed to intellectual honesty and rigor, insulated from sensationalism or hype; and
  • That we must bring stakeholders together from different parts of our balkanized legal ecosystem because the most powerful ideas and insight are sparked at the intersection of ecumenical dialogues among a diverse range of thinkers drawing from different perspectives.

At bottom, we’re here to serve. We love this increasingly rich legal-innovation ecosystem, and we simply want to know: how can we help?

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