The NY Legal Tech Meetup could not exist without the support of our wonderful event sponsors.

 We accept sponsors for both our substantive events (i.e., our panels and Drinks + Demos) and our community building happy hours.

Substantive Event Sponsors

The NY Legal Tech Meetup typically hosts its substantive events at law firms, corporations, and law schools.


One of the biggest challenges in legal tech is the lack of effective communication between lawyers (i.e., the ones who know what needs to be fixed and why) and technologists (i.e., the ones who can actually do the fixing).  Part of our broader mission to build an open, supportive, and cohesive legal tech ecosystem in NYC is helping to create those communication channels.  But we all know how difficult it can be for lawyers (and law students) to get out of the office on a weeknight for our type of events.  So we go to them.  Plus, it helps us consistently activate and engage new pieces of the NYC legal landscape each month!

Happy Hour Sponsors

For our happy hours, we consider a wider range of potential sponsorships.  We’ve done everything from the traditional bar happy hour to gatherings in our sponsors co-working spaces, so feel free to reach out and explore options!

Interested in sponsoring the NY Legal Tech Meetup?

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